Are the reports official?

Although official data are used in reports, the report cannot be used alone in an official transaction.

Which occupational group are your experts from?

Our experts consist of lawyers, city planners, surveyors, architects or civil engineers, depending on the nature of the job. “Buy It Legal” offers interdisciplinary services through its experts.

What is the limit of your liability for the information you provide?

You can reach our liability statement by clicking here. In Sum;
  • We guarantee that the information presented in the reports is consistent with the official data at the time the report was prepared,
  • We have a rule that the comments made in the report are prepared from the perspective of an experienced expert,
  • We guarantee that this expert is selected according to the needs of the job,
  • The risks beyond our responsibility are the records that are not examined in depth by our expert due to the nature of the quick report (their nature is explained in the Quick Report),
  • It consists of damages caused by incorrect or incomplete information given by the customer or the occurrence of risks that have not yet occurred as of the date of the report (please review our liability statement)

I want to know the value of the real estate I want to buy, what should I do?

You should apply to real estate appraisal companies approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB) and the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) or to a real estate appraiser who has a valuation license. If a real estate valuation report is required due to the nature of the work, this need is met by our authorized solution partners, especially during the Investment Consultancy Service.

Real estate valuation report (GDR) has all the properties and records of the real estate, why should I prefer “Buy It Legal” services instead of valuation report?

With the circular dated 15.02.2019 of the Foreign Affairs Department of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of the Republic of Turkey, it is now obligatory to obtain GDR in real estate purchases and sales involving foreign nationals. At this point, GDR is also used to determine whether the value of the real estate you want to buy is sufficient to acquire Turkish citizenship.
It is a document prepared in accordance with the GDR, SPK (CMB) and BDDK (BRSA) standards and the framework drawn by the laws. The scope of the service provided in the GDR consists of determining the monetary value of the real estate, taking into account legal criteria. Based on a GDR, it is difficult to predict whether the annotation or statement in the land registry poses a risk to you and whether you will have problems with it in the future. In fact, most of the time, the obvious risk is not even reflected in the value of the real estate. GDR does not offer you  investment consultancy support and/or assistance when you need it. The difference of Buy It Legal service is that it explains the risk you carry in all details and opens a portal that provides investment consultancy support.

We want to buy real estate, can you find a suitable real estate for us?

“Buy It Legal” does not act as an intermediary for the sale of real estate. However, we have business partners all over Turkey that we can direct you to for this business.

I have a real estate agent, why should I get service from you?

Your real estate agent is a business partner you trust, who offers you the real estate that suits your wishes. He has information about how much the real estate will be sold in the region where he works, at what time, and to whom. In addition, he is the person who best understands your wishes regarding the real estate you want to buy. An experienced real estate consultant will recommend getting help by consulting an expert to learn about the legal and technical risks of the real estate. If you are interested in buying real estate in Turkey and you have requested this from your real estate agent in your own country, it is unlikely that he will be able to conduct a detailed risk analysis according to Turkish law. To make your Real Estate Agent’s job easier, refer him to “Buy It Legal”.

I do not have the address or title deed information of the real estate I want to buy, can I still ask you for help?

If you can describe the address of the real estate you want to buy without leaving any room for doubt, or if the real estate is located in a big project that is known to everyone, we can help you. At the same time, you can ask your real estate agent or the current owner of the real estate to send us information about the real estate.

Do the risks you identify in your reports always materialize?

It is possible that the risks related to 3rd party receivables, bank receivables, mortgages, unexpired corporate receivables and zoning status, which are seen in the land registry, turn into problems. When you start having problems after purchasing the property, you need to take legal action and spend money to avoid further damage. “Buy It Legal” is an early warning system. If there is no evidence of the existence of the risk, it will report it, and if it detects the risk, it will report it in detail.

How will my Quick Report reach me?

When you pay for the Quick Report, the Buy It Legal Portal opens. Your report is prepared within 48 hours and sent to your e-mail address and uploaded to the Portal at the same time. You can find your Quick Report sent to your email in your mailbox or in your spam (junk) folder. You can log in to Buy It Legal Portal with your e-mail address and password and you can access your report in this way.

I have received my Quick Report, how do I submit my request and pay for a Detailed Risk Report?

When you pay for the Quick Report, the Buy It Legal Portal opens for you. If you inform the e-mail address given to you for the Detailed Risk Report on the portal that you want to receive a Buy It Legal Detailed Risk Report and your Quick Report number, you will be sent a URL for additional payment. By clicking on this, you can go to the payment screen and by paying the fee for the Detailed Risk Report in the Quick Report, you can get your Detailed Risk Report within the specified time.

Is it possible for me to request your investment consultancy service without a quick report?

After filling in your contact information in the application section, you are asked to tick one of the boxes “ “Buy It Legal” Quick Report ” and  Investment Consultancy Service ”. If you tick the box “ “Buy It Legal”  Investment Consultancy Service.  and send the information and document you have to the e-mail address shown on the Buy It Legal Portal after paying the pre-application fee, you will be included in the Buy It Legal  Investment Consultancy Service.

Can I request a report or service regarding a real estate I own?

“Buy It Legal” reports explain to you the risks you may encounter or still face regarding the real estate you own. Click on the application, if you need a Quick Report or further assistance, check the  Investment Consultancy Service box and continue with your transactions.

Do you issue invoices for the services you provide?

Every fee you pay for the Buy It Legal Quick Report or the different services you will receive will be invoiced on behalf of the payer and the invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you left for contact. Do not forget to check your spam folder for invoices that you cannot find in your inbox.

How long does it take to prepare the Detailed Risk Report?

The preparation time of the Buy It Legal Detailed Risk Report may vary depending on the intensity and excess of the risks identified in the Quick Report. If there is only one annotation in the record of the real estate you want to buy and the search for it can be completed with a single query, you can receive your Detailed Risk Report within 24 hours. However, if there are dozens of annotations and declarations in the real estate record, a map error is encountered in the measurement of the real estate, lawsuits are filed for the cancellation of the zoning plan during the zoning status query, and similar cases, the time may be extended. But in all probability it will not take longer than fifteen business days

Is there a fee that I am unaware of other than the preliminary application fee of 250 EURO for the Quick Report or Investment Consultancy Service? Can my credit card be charged without my knowledge?

You will not be faced with a payment that you did not plan and / or did not know about. To summarize, the application fee for “Buy It Legal” services is the same for each real estate. When you pay 3.000,00 TL as a Quick Report or  Investment Consultancy Service. preliminary application, a portal is opened where you can directly contact our experts. In the following process, if any risk of the real estate is detected in the Quick Report or at the first stage of the  Investment Consultancy Service., you will be clearly explained to the price requested to investigate or remedy this. The fees are clearly shown in the additional contract to be sent separately. Other than that, an unplanned fee will never be billed or charged to your credit card.

How do you charge the Detailed Risk Report?

Detailed Risk Report and  Investment Consultancy Service. are determined by taking into account the specific circumstances of the real estate. For example, if there is only one annotation in the registration of the real estate you want to buy, the Detailed Risk Report can be obtained for a lower fee. However, this amount will increase if there are dozens of annotations and declarations in the real estate record, location, quality, zoning and cadaster problems. Each record that requires research and time will increase the amount you have to pay for the Detailed Risk Report. Fee-related determinations are explained in detail at the end of the Quick Report.

How do you charge the Investment Consultancy Service?

Investment Consultancy Service is the ultimate service offered by “Buy It Legal”. It is committed to a process in which an expert appointed specifically for you supervises all real estate transactions, including purchase and sale, and all resources of “Buy It Legal” are used. The fee for this service varies according to the time spent, the responsibility of the expert and the complexity of the job. Investment consultancy and  Investment Consultancy Service. for large purchases can usually be charged as a result of face-to-face meetings and a meticulous information gathering phase. In contrast, applications for naturalization are usually charged immediately after application. For this reason, we recommend that you fully prepare the information and documents you will send us.



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